• Batteries, Battery Packs, Chargers
  • Cables, Assemblies & Power Cords
    • Power Dynamics

      Power Dynamics Power Cords are available for all countries including the United Sates, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Japan and many more. Jacket types include SVT, SJT, SPT, H05VV-F, water proof and oil resistant. All power cords are compatible with Power Dynamics IEC 60320 connectors. Hospital grade cords are available for many countries. All power cords carry applicable safety agency approvals.

    • Major League

      Major League Manufactures IDC Cable Assemblies

  • Connectors
    • Power Dynamics

      Power Dynamics interconnect products include harsh environment, IEC, NEMA, Motor Disconnects, Battery Holders.

    • Regal Electronics, Inc.

      Regal Electronics, Inc. Manufactures BNC, RJ-45, CAT5, CAT5E, Jacks, Plugs, USB, Mini USB, HDMI, IEEE 1394 (firewire), D-Sub, Backshells, Sockets, Headers, Jumpers, MiniDIN and Std. DIN

    • Northern Technologies

      Northern Technologies Manufactures D-Sub Connectors, Shields, Covers, Boots and Connector Hardware

    • Major League

      Major League Manufactures PCB Board to Board , IDC, SIM Card, Terminal Blocks and other Fine Pitch Connectors and Sockets

  • EMI/RFI Filters
    • Power Dynamics

      Power Dynamics EMI/RFI Filters are rated from 1 Amp to 250 Amps and have low leakage to comply with UL544, UL2601 and CSA22.2 standards. Filtered multifunction modules are available with switches and American and European fuse holders. Mounting options include, flange, printed circuit, chassis, and snap-in. Termination options include screw, solder, printed circuit, quick disconnect, wire and terminal blocks. Medical versions are also available. All connectors are safety agency approved for international use.

  • Heat Guns
    • Steinel

      Steinel manufactures High End Heat Guns, Heat Blowers, Gas Torches and Hot Melt systems for the Electronic, Industrial and Automotive market places. These Heat Guns include the Capability to adjust both Airflow and Temperature to your perfect settings up to 1200 Degrees F! Demo Guns are readily available to test and inventory is available nationally to supply your immediate needs.

  • Human to Machine Interface
    • Nelson-Miller

      Nelson-Miller manufactures metal and plastic nameplates, graphic overlays, domed labels, membrane switches, keypads, light guides, and touchscreens

  • Injection Molded Plastics
    • Nelson-Miller

      Nelson-Miller is an injection molder capable of mult-ishot, challenging 2nd operations, with manufacturing and design in both the US and Asia.

  • LEDs/Displays/Arrays
    • Data Modul

      Data Modul brings together all display technologies and competencies. Displays, Touch, Embedded & Monitor Solutions

    • Nelson-Miller

      Nelson-Miller manufactures a wide variety of capacitive and resistive touch screens for medical, industrial and consumer applications.

    • Kingbright

      Kingbright Manufactures a wide array of LED's and related products including: High Brightness LED's, SMD LED's, Through Hole LED's, SMD and Through Hole Displays, Circuit Board Indicators (CBI), Infrared and Phototransistor Products. Kingbright shines in multi-color combinations and chemistry for multiple package types, working with the customer to define the optimal solution for price and function. Kingbright also prides itself on a readily available stock of standard products in distribution and at the corporate office to facilitate quick design and approval to help meet the customers demanding market need. Samples are refreshingly readily available!

  • Passive Electronics
    • Meritek Electronics

      Meritek Electronics Manufactures Advanced Circuit Protection Devices: MOV, TVS, PPTC, GDT, Inrush Limiters, Thermistor and Thermistor Assemblies, Safety Capacitors. Legacy Products: Capacitors - Film, MLCC, AE, Ceramic. Resistors - Leaded and SMD, Current Sense, Specialty/Custom and Standard Types

  • PCBs, PCBAs, Flex, Rig-Flex
    • AT&S

      AT&S Manufactures Standard and Advanced PCB's, Multilayer PCB, HDI Multilayer PCB, ECP® Embedded Component, High Voltage PCB, Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB, Metal Core PCB and More!

    • Electronic Interconnect

      Electronic Interconnect is a US Based Manufacturer of Raw PCB's. Capabilities include: ITAR, ISO 9001:2008, Small to High Volume, Multilayer to 12, Material Thickness from 0.005

  • Power Supplies, LED Drivers
    • Total Power

      Total Power is a leading supplier of power supplies and DC/DC converters. With manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Taiwan they provide: Open Frame, Enclosed, Medical, External, Din Rail and DC/DC encapsulated power supplies ranging from 1-1000 Watts.

    • Triad Magnetics

      Triad Magnetics manufactures 1~40 Watt AC/DC Wallmount Power Supplies, 30~75 Watt Open Frame Switching Power Supplies, 40~150 Watt Enclosed Switching Power Supplies for General Purpose Applications.

  • Speakers
    • Regal Electronics, Inc.

      Regal Electronics, Inc. Manufactures Micro, Miniature, High Power Miniature, PCB Mount, Oval PC Notebook and Custom Speaker and Speaker Assemblies (as small as 10mm!)

  • Terminal Blocks
    • Major League

      Major League makes one and two piece spring terminal, screwless and screw type, stackable and barrier terminal blocks

  • Transformers / Magnetics
    • Triad Magnetics

      Triad Magnetics manufactures a wide line of Magnetics including Standard Audio, Power, Control and Wallmount transformers as well as High Frequency Magnetics many of which are in stock. In addition, Triad has opened their new Custom Transformer and Magnetics capability for your exacting requirements taking advantage of their years of expertise in Custom Magnetics Design.

  • Transportation Cases
    • Platt Cases

      Platt Cases Manufactures Custom and Standard Professional Cases for Business and Industry