Gary’s List…

Regal Logo2September is here and there are more than just forest fires to deal with! Regal Electronics has been “on fire” with their interconnect! Their BNC connectors raise the bar on what it means to have high quality at an affordable price.  Check them out and rediscover one of the original homesteaders (since 1976) to bring internationally recognized electronic components to the USofA!

Sep 2017 – Regal Electronics, Inc.

Aug 2017 – Major League Electronics

July 2017 – Northern Technologies

June 2017 – Triad Magnetics

May 2017 – Kingbright


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 4.10.07 PMFor August, which slipped right on by, I am proud to announce a company which prides itself on quality and service, so much so that their tag line is “we sell service, the connectors are free.” For the last 5 years their quality and service has been perfect and they have been on a steady growth curve for us that rivals many other interconnect companies. Their support for distribution and OEM customers is transparently and unequivocally the same….GOOD!  Hat’s off to Major League Electronics!

July’s Manufacturer making the list is Northern Technologies. They have had a stellar quality record and make standard and custom interconnect and cabling solutions with their own drawn, cast and machined metal parts! Did you know they also can competitively make small castings for other OEM applications? Check them out!!

TRIAD+mg_LG_K_gld_CMYK [Converted]June’s Manufacturer to be added to Gary’s list is Triad Magnetics!  Triad has quietly led the way in standard and custom magnetics for both OEM and CM’s, Direct and with Distribution making them the most overall flexible manufacturer and a pleasure to do business with!

June 2017 – Triad Magnetics

May 2017 – Kingbright


I was sitting here realizing that many of my Principals deserve recognition.  It is easy to say, well, all of them do because after all, we need to be promoting and selling for all of them to be successful, which we do.  But, there are some who deserve recognition and who must earn the right to be added to my list of “Best Companies” to work with after selling for 30 years in the industry. So, starting in May 2017 I am giving a shout-out to a principal who deserves and has achieved getting on my list based on four simple and oft used matrices… Quality, Price, Delivery, and Creativity.  In order to be considered, quality is a given, any quality issues during the present month and you’re out for two months.  The primary factors in today’s electronics are simply what is left… Price, Delivery, and Creativity.  Those who win deals because of this will get added to my list.  At this point it is not so prestigious since our company is not that great in size, but for those customers who really don’t know, I can at least point them to the manufacturers that are earning and continue to earn a spot on my list. Therefore, if nothing else, a little recognition for a job well done by those folks we work for who love and care for this great industry! The list will be a running list, changed each month to reflect results… so, to kick it off…

May 2017 – Kingbright



Kingbright continues to deliver almost flawless quality product in the 100′s of thousands of pieces each month into the PNW.  The fact is, in the last 6 years, the only quality issue has been tape and reel related which quite frankly point back to a CM’s adjustment or equipment. Gaining ground again at a large power system protection and control company has pushed them to be the first in my list.  Cheers!